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Love Yourself Sober - A self-care guide to alcohol-free living for busy mothers

'Upbeat, wise and empathetic ... A best sober buddy in your pocket' - Clare Pooley, author of The Sober Diaries

'An amazingly helpful, refreshing and positive book' - Lucy Rocca, Soberistas

'A guidebook to making the absolute best of one of life's toughest transitions ... I wish I'd read it ten years ago' - William Porter, author of Alcohol Explained

'Finally, someone telling it like it is' -Veronica Valli, author of Soberful.


Published Sept 2022

Available to pre-order 

'Mandy and Kate have done it again. I love how this book is based around seasons which fits so well with womanhood. But it's also filled with really practical tools and tips that will help sober women as they take this journey ... Dive in, you won't be disappointed'
Veronica Valli, sober coach and author of Soberful

This book is for any woman that is sober or sober curious. It is here to support you on your journey to alcohol-free living.

The seasons are there for us all to use; the patterns and cycles offer a reference point that can help us as we navigate our sobriety. By tuning into nature's ebb and flow, we can use its power to explore and support our sober lives in a long-term and sustainable way.

Sober coaches Kate Baily and Mandy Manners offer positive and empowering ways to harness this power, exploring how old wisdoms, new science and the female experience can help guide you.

Packed with tasks to shift your mindset, questions for reflection, nervous system regulation techniques, as well as gratitude and intention setting exercises, this book is designed to be a constant companion nurturing you in your choice to be alcohol-free.

I wanted to write.... a book for many, many years. I made stabs at it, wrote articles for the press and blogged my heart out but I just had to wait until like so many things, the conditions were right, I was ready and I was not trying to 'do it all' on my own.... ( life lesson alert?) 

The process of writing Love Yourself Sober felt like a dream come true and a most excellent adventure... Mandy and I had started the podcast and I had got the first three chapters of a book that I wanted to write. We decided to pool resources, put all our ideas in a pot and work on it together. Mandy found us an agent,  Clare Pooley, author of the Sober Diaries, helped us with a proposal and we got a publishing deal in early 2019 and sat in the Allbright in Soho waiting to meet our new agent Jane at Graham Maw Christie and Jo Lal , genius editor at Welbeck publishing. 


With questions around the 'Mummy Wine O'clock' culture growing, Love Yourself Sober explores how a problematic relationship with alcohol can easily develop, particularly with time-poor mothers, how to recognise it, and what to do about it.

We wanted to provide a  supportive 'sober curious' environment, encouraging active participation using positive psychology, coaching methods and workbook features to help women make changes for themselves.

Love Yourself Sober is an empowering book for women and mothers to put their own self-care at the centre of a healthy and positive life-change.

This is the book that I so needed to write as a mum, as a grey area drinker, knowing that the conversation had to change and the focus needed to shift to one of self-compassion and self-care for us burnt-out mums. 

So we did. We then got to do the audio book with a dear sober sis and voice actor, Rose Romain. Writing it with Mandy made it bigger, bolder, more fun and more than it could ever have been as a solo project - that's the power of collaboration, the sober community and the decision to be alcohol free. You never know what is going to happen and dreams really can come true...

I'm delighted to announce that our next book is being published September 2022. It's all under warps at the moment but all will be revealed in the fullness of time! 

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