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“Pick the path that lights you up, the one that you know deep down is the right choice. Stop listening to doubt.
Start connecting with courage. Do not let the idea of normal get in the way. 
Lean into your determination, lean into your mission.
Lean into the real you.”
(yung pueblo)



There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and your choices. The worlds of work are changing, the way we connect is changing and we have more choice in what we want to be, do and have. 

BUT.. underneath this we are very human.. we need to feel connected, safe and empowered. We need to align with what we care about, contribute and have meaning. With a holistic coaching approach we create results and stay grounded, well and calm as we tend to all the areas of of life to balance the delicate ecosystems of our desires, needs and potential. Reclaim your power and move through life in ways that are truthful to your inner voice and get very excited!

Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you’re feeling stuck and don’t know where to find inspiration. Maybe you’re struggling with relationships and looking for guidance.

Whatever it is, the way you view your life can make all the difference.

Life coaching is an intentional, practical way to adjust your mindset and achieve your goals. Living authentically will allow you to unlock your full potential. So are you ready to start living like a lady boss and start living intentionally, rooted in your own power? Are you ready to get started?

How it Works 
An Integrative Approach 

Coaching Tools 

Your Happiness & Wellbeing Plan 

Why is it important to work with an alcohol-informed practitioner? 

A space for you to reflect and explore:

Increased awareness and aligned values which bring confidence and a greater peace and positivity.  Professional Support, accountability & Resources. 

Powerful practices from The Science of Happiness  to boost your happiness and wellbeing - your own bespoke plan to fit YOUR life and needs. Stress Management & Somatic tools to work with body as well as mind so you can make the changes you want staying true to your values and in tune with your capacity. 

If sobriety is a focus for you , we keep rooted in your decision to be alcohol-free as the anchor for all this positive change. Working with an alcohol specialist means that we always work on deepening that safe foundation whilst expanding growth. Other addictive behaviours from smoking, to overeating, to spending can also be addressed as I am a specialist in addictive behaviours and train other coaches in this are for The Coaching Academy. We get rid of habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. 

Falling in love with being sober (YouTube Thumbnail) copy 3.png

Book a flexible package to suit you.

Blocks of 6 sessions & 12 sessions are available or a three month and six month plan. 

Contact me for a free discovery call to discuss your needs. 

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