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Kate Baily
She Recovers Coach
Association for Coaching

Loving yourself as a sober woman is not about trying to stop drinking, it's about becoming a person who is happily alcohol-free .


It's never too late to start living the life you love and NOW is the perfect time to start getting curious.

Hi, I'm Kate. I'm 54, an ICF accredited Holistic Coach, Certified Menopause Doula and the founder of Love Sober and Love Sober Podcast.  I've supported women from all over the world to  build happy, confident alcohol free-lives and free of alcohol to harness their power in this most incredible stage of our lives...The Midlife.

We need a lifestyle and mindset which supports each stage of our lives. We HAVE to look at the whole picture - hormonal shifts & stress impact the whole of our selves & our lives, can trigger addictive behaviours & lead to higher alcohol consumption.

If it looks like this - multiple calendars,  overflowing to-do lists,  juggling needs of older parents, career, home,  kids still at home, perimenopause or menopause and drinking to dial down the stress which now feels like the habit of a lifetime.....

If you’re ready to change your relationship with alcohol, embrace a healthy, satisfying midlife, boss the hormone rollercoaster & get excited about the next stage of your life I’d love to help... 



Featured expert

A few of the places you will find my interviews and features on sobriety and well-being

Daily Express

"Kate's gift is her ability to really listen and really hear the people she works with so she can provide them with the tools and support to thrive when they adopt an alcohol free lifestyle.


She has helped people around the world and her integrity, caring nature and ability to help her clients push through problems produces incredible results that have transformed the lives of many people."

Simon Chapple, author and founder of Be Sober

Work with me to harness the power of your midlife.

Build practical strategies and a bespoke wellbeing  & habit change plan  that will help you feel great, succeed today, tomorrow and moving forward wherever you are on your sober journey, during the midlife, menopause & beyond.


And let's just stop for a minute shall we? Life & Hormonal Health Audit,  challenge limiting beliefs and associations with alcohol and ageing and reframe sobriety and discover new possibilities & hope in this most powerful stage of YOUR life. 

Habit Change 

Shine a light on the habits that no longer serve you. Create a wellbeing plan to  boss your routines, boundaries, accountability and motivation for a solid,  step by step foundation for change with a habit-change specialist.


Cut through the noise of other's expectations and create a personalised rewards system based on your authentic needs, passions, values, and ambitions to build the life you love as you move forward into the power of your midlife and beyond.

Hormones & Health

Perimenopause & Menopause support, up-to- date information, lifestyle & stress management to build resilience & calm to ground & centre you for your body, mind and heart in this stage of your life.

Qualified and accredited

I am an ICF Accredited  trauma-informed Integrative Sobriety and Life Coach Practitioner, specialising in sobriety, holistic well-being for the midlife, perimenopause transition and stress management. I was a finalist in The International Coaching Awards in 2019. I'm a SHE RECOVERS® Coach, which means that I am trained in and my work aligns with the SHE RECOVERS® Intentions & Guiding Principles. I am also a Specialist Coach Trainer for The Coaching Academy in Addictive Behaviours & Habit Change. I also hold certificates in The Science of Happiness and Counseling & am a Menopause Doula in training. 

ICF badge
The Coaching Academy
She Recovers Coach
International Coach Award Finalist

"Kate has been absolutely amazing. I had struggled with drinking on and off and more so since having my second child. I'm now over a year sober!  

No going back for me."

Anna, UK

Falling in love with being sober copy 6.png
Choosing to stop drinking in midlife means that you have a wealth of experience, skills, resilience and creativity that you have amassed over your life so far which you can now use to design your life without alcohol in it. 

Mum of three? That takes energy and organisation. Balanced a career and kids? Hats off, mama. Made the choice to stay at home and bring up the family - I applaud your alignment and awareness of your values. Focussed on your work? Passion and drive... Now it's time to celebrate those strengths, and use these to your advantage, put yourself in the picture and put your needs up there top of that long list. 

Now let's deal with the vino....


When I got sober, I thought giving up [alcohol] was saying goodbye to all the fun and all the sparkle, and it turned out to be just the opposite. That’s when the sparkle started for me.

Mary Karr

LUI-615 copy_edited.jpg

A note from Me to You...

You are worth it. You are worth looking after. There is only one you. 

We fear our strength but together we don't have to. You are capable of great things. You are good enough. And it's not too late - you are only just getting started. Your health & wellbeing deserve support. 

This is not the highlight yet, the highlight isn't the conversation about alcohol, it's just that's where we start... but the magic is what happens after that, one step at a time, beautiful.

You are full of strength, experience and value. The wise woman in me sees the wise woman in you. 

I can't wait to meet you. 


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Let's chat with no commitment to see how you can create the sober life you love

Whether you're curious about sober living, have a relationship with alcohol that isn't working for you or have started your journey ​I can help you with your next steps. 

Book a free 30 minute Discovery call with no obligations to explore what you need right now.

Or to find out more about how I work

Read the Books

Love Yourself Sober is an empowering book for women and mothers to put their own self-care at the centre of a healthy and positive life-change no matter what age and stage you are at. 

Love Yourself Sober
Love Your Sober Year

Love Your Sober Year  is a beautiful guided journal for women to explore alcohol -free living using the inspiration & wisdom of the seasons. 

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