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Client Testimonials 


Here are some of the things my beautiful clients have said about coaching with me. To be honest, with coaching, it's the client who designs their actions, aligns with their wishes and goals and does the work and so each and every one of these is 100% the Mistress of her own success. 

​''Kate is the real deal - kind, caring, reflective, smart...and she's been down the path and understood what you are going through…Her personal knowledge, their training, their expertise in many fields has been invaluable.''  D Canada. 

''Kate has helped me find my voice and believe I have the right to strive for happiness in all areas of my life.  When you have grown up in an environment full of conflict, unhappiness and heart ache your blue print for life can be quite distorted. Kate brought great observational tools, practical processes, huge understanding and her own personal warmth and humour that has made my sessions the highlight of my week.  With her guidance I’ve learnt to understand my motivations and barrier and redefine my life.
I was unhappy and unheard and I didn’t believe I deserved more.  Kate gently but thoroughly  explored this with me to define goals and put day to day practical processes in place as well as creating time to reflect and review, which has been transformative.''

S, U.K.

''It's only when you work with an amazing coach, you understand the benefit - I now evangelise to all my friends! ''M, UK.

''Kate has been absolutely amazing. I’ve struggled with drinking on and off but more so since having my second child. The coaching with Kate and the online community support run by Kate and Mandy has really helped me. I am now over a year sober. No going back for me. I highly recommend Kate and Mandy at Love Sober. ''

A, U.K

I had some coaching sessions with Kate during a really tricky time in my life when I was spinning an awful lot of plates and neglecting my self-care quite badly. Our sessions were so helpful to me in enabling me to prioritise and work on some negative thought patterns which were holding me back. Kate is a wonderful coach, she is warm and supportive but also practical and focused. I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially another busy and frazzled mum like me! Our sessions were like an anchor for me when a lot else seemed pretty turbulent. I still use some of the practices she introduced me to now and they help me to stay grounded and focused on gratitude and the little things I can do day to day to support myself. I’d never had any coaching sessions before and I was blown away by how helpful and supportive Kate was. 


It is only once you’ve been through an experience like this, with a fantastic coach, that you can truly appreciate its value.  I evangelise about this experience to all my friends. If I could, I would make it mandatory for everyone to experience coaching and have the opportunity to discover their true potential.

K. Eire

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