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Love Sober is the community interest company I set up with Mandy Manners in 2019. It started as a blog in 2016, then Mandy suggested a podcast and we became the first UK sobriety podcast - not bad for two mums, recording at our kitchen tables! 

We created a community for sober women, focussed on self-care and wellbeing to support ourselves as women and carers and mums. We run courses there - Love Yourself Sober - the course for early sobriety steps and  THE self-development course for sober women , the three minth group coaching program Love Sober Life School. 

We believe that together, with the right tools and support we can not only get sober but stay sober and LOVE SOBER. 

You can connect with me for coaching by booking a discovery call here or head over to Love Sober for more info. 



The podcast for the sober and sober curious. Weekly episodes from us - myself and Mandy as we chat over tea about life, parenting, mental health and wellbeing through a sober lens. Featuring guests, experts, authors and professionals  from  all over the world, changing the narrative about sobriety, one conversation at a time.

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